Saving lives in Ukraine

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As the Russo-Ukrainian War drags on, Ukrainian refugees who have fled their homes still need your help.
100% of the funds donated through The ISI Foundation go towards helping Ukrainians in need. Our organization covers our own overhead administration or fundraising costs, meaning every dollar donated goes directly towards relief efforts.
Help us save lives by donating today.

How We Help

Relief Centres & Living Essentials

We have a number of relief centres in Poland, Moldova, and Romania that provide high-quality medium and long-term accommodations to Ukrainian refugees. The goal is to provide a sense of normalcy back to their lives as much as possible

Thanks to your donations, residents are able to live in far more humane conditions than they would in a refugee camp. Donations also go towards sourcing more relief shelters, providing ongoing daily meals, medical care and medications, mental health care, clothing, toiletries, and other necessities.

Transitional Foundational Support

Many of the people we help no longer have a home or family to go back to. We provide support for thousands of Ukrainians planning on staying in neighboring EU countries to restart their lives.

These include helping apply for social services, free legal support, language courses, job search support, and even upskilling classes.

Children’s Education

The local public school boards in neighboring countries where Ukrainian children have fled do not allow these children to enroll due to administrative and capacity reasons.

In order for Ukrainian children to continue their education, private school is often their only option. Part of every donation goes towards the tuition of hundreds of children to continue their primary and secondary education in neighboring EU countries.

  • Our volunteers supporting Ukranians escaping the war
  • Our shuttle services from Ukraine to the borders
  • Our refugee camp in Moldova hosting 100+ refugees
  • Refugees getting ready to plant flowers in Moldovian camp
  • Food supplies in Moldovian camp
  • Clothes & necessities in Moldovian camp
  • Playroom helping to have some normalcy for the kids
  • Doctors from Israel provide help with health check ups
  • Our refugee camp facility in Poland hosting 200+ refugees

Who We Are

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Relief 4 Ukraine is a non-profit organization providing relief for the humanitarian crisis caused by the Russo-Ukrainian war. We have workers in Ukraine and the bordering countries of Poland, Moldova, and Romania providing essential services to thousands of refugees. We partner with local governmental organizations and NGOs to create a sustainable supply chain of humanitarian relief.

We feel strongly about the causes that we support; that’s why we cover our own overhead and administrative costs to ensure that every dollar donated goes directly to the cause. Relief 4 Ukraine is a part of the ISI Foundation, a charity dedicated to philanthropic causes. It is led by Alex Dudarev, CEO of Insurance Supermarket Inc., whose hometown is Kyiv, Ukraine.

How We Started

Starting as a self-funded grassroots operation, our workers and volunteers have been in Ukraine since the beginning of the crisis.

Shortly after the start of the war, a group of individuals that is now the Relief 4 Ukraine team operated shuttle buses transporting civilians out of active combat zones, handed out food and necessities to lines of people fleeing Ukraine’s borders, and gathered and distributed donations to the hasty-erected refugee camps along Ukraine’s border countries. With immediate needs shifting as the war has progressed, we’ve adapted our relief efforts to reflect what is most needed at any given time.

Help save lives by donating today

Volunteer stories and videos

Today was a long day. We are pushing to help people come from the borders to the cities. Just arrived with another batch of refugees to our location. Along with this we are accommodating, providing counselling help and providing food to those who are in lines at the borders. The inflow of refugees is so big that there are camps set to accommodate them. But this is far from what conditions people should live in. We are trying to provide with better place for stay.

Every day we hope to see less people. Not because we are all tired. Just because we want this suffering to end. Every bus of refugees that we bring to one of the cities from the border, they don’t want to get out of the bus. They just sit still. As this ride is something that was under control for them since February 24. And this road was something most comfortable and safe for them since the beginning of the war. They all look frightened when they have to leave the bus. Many are crying, not the kids, children are sitting very quiet, their parents are. What I’ve noticed is that the kids start crying once they arrive to the camp, and they understand that they don’t have to hold tight and can relax. This is heartbreaking 💔 . Many refugees are coming with their pets, who are now becoming our therapists for little kids. When kids come to the camp, the dogs are ready to play with them and distract from the horror they’ve been through.

Every time we move to the borders, we hope to see that the lines are getting shorter. But they are not. People are exhausted mentally and physically. At least we can make them smile for a second and stop their hunger and thirst. Those are crossing borders by feet, we are helping with rides and accommodations. Despite the weather, we get to keep them warm in our cars and shelter.

Help us save lives by donating today.

Donate Now
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